third Party Administration

The outsourcing of a claim operation for an insurance or self-insured company can be a cost effective alternative. When considering a claims TPA, one should look at the depth of experience and resources of its staff. Our team of industry leaders has an average of 18 years’ experience with top carriers ready to deliver world class service to our client partners. Our services include Call Center First Notice of Loss, Field inspections/ investigation, damage appraisal, SIU Fraud, alternative dispute resolution and litigation management. Our team will make you proud!

Special Investigation Support services

  • In house training for your adjusters providing CE credits
  • Review to ensure that your company is in compliance with the filing of your fraud plan, adjuster training and the reporting of suspected fraud/arson claims.
  • Review of files to identify fraud/arson indicators.
  • Case management of claims involving fraud/arson.
  • Subrogation review and assistance with recovery procedures.
  • Assist in obtaining the right experts for the job.



Contents Program

Our contents program offers our clients dedicated contents specialists who are licensed adjusters with the expertise needed to develop fair and equitable settlements.  Our specialists meet with the insured’s at the loss location and develop an inventory with the assistance of the insured’s and/or their representative. They separate salvageable contents and personal effects from those that cannot be salvaged. They contact the appropriate vendors to address salvageable contents and soft goods, confirm that it is cost effective to restore the contents to pre-loss condition and negotiate a fair price for the vendor's services. They meet with restoration contractors and monitor pack out, cleaning, storage and delivery.  They negotiate a fair price for the contractor's services. Finally, they price out the inventory and apply depreciation if applicable. When directed by the insurance company, they will meet with the insured’s to reach a final settlement.  We don't just price out the claim, we adjust it!