We provide a comprehensive approach to catastrophe claims management and handling, from inception to SIU/Fraud and complex litigation. With over 100 years combined experience in the insurance industry, our team brings the insurance carrier perspective to the table, leveraging experience and technology to deliver superior service while working with our clients through the increasingly complex world of catastrophe claims handling. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Our vision is to strategically place our clients where we will be in a position to deliver quality service by not overextending our commitments. Many companies will make promises and hope they can deliver. We will only commit where we know we can deliver. Our goal is to under commit and over perform, exceeding your expectations. With our experience in the insurance and construction industries, we are uniquely qualified to provide quality and accurate adjusting services. Furthermore, we have the depth of experience to successfully manage even the most complex claims issues.  ‚Äč

With training and certification classes throughout the year, our team is well trained and ready to respond when you need them. Our advantage is that our adjusting teams are located in the states where our clients operate. Therefore, our response can be immediate without having to mobilize adjusters from remote locations. We are there when you need us from the smallest pocket storm to landfall of a major hurricane. 

  • Field Adjusting Services-Adjusters located in the state where our clients operate.
  • General Adjusting Services-Experience large loss adjusters to handle the largest of claims. 
  • Large Loss Contents Team-Dedicated large loss contents teams to develop the inventories on site with the policy holder to deliver exceptional service, as well as a more accurate inventory.
  • Additional Living Expenses Team-Dedicated teams of inside examiners to review and validate additional living expense claims. 
  • SIU/Fraud Team-Staff SIU personnel to review and investigate potentially fraudulent claims.
  • Appraisal-We have adjusters with extensive experience in the appraisal process including Windstorm Insurance Network Certified Umpires
  • Mediation-Our Staff has experience in handling numerous catastrophe mediations.
  • Flood-We have extensive experience in handling flood losses with flood certified adjusting team.
  • Litigation-We offer litigation support and management to our client. 


We have relationships with multiple call centers where we can provide our clients with 24/7 call center capabilities. We have done extensive training with call center providers in the handling of catastrophe operations. We can customize a plan that will serve our client's needs. 


We offer flexible technology solutions to our clients to streamline the management of a large volume of claims from a catastrophe event. Our systems are web based and can be operated from anywhere without the need for additional equipment. The entire claim process is handled electronically from the assignment of claims to review and uploading of claim file material which is stored and backed up to protect your claim information. We will customize a systems plan to fit your needs. We are here to meet your needs and build a custom catastrophe response for your company. Put our experience to work for you!